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The Numerical Universe Part 1


The overarching theme of my book, 'The Numerical Universe', is that there exists a Primordial, Numerical, Geometric and Musical structure to the universe. This video is designed to give an introductory look at Modular Arithmetic and what I call 'Mod 9 Analysis'

Re-Classification of Prime Numbers


In this part of my work I solve the mystery of Prime Numbers using Modular Arithmetic to gain the clear understanding that Composite Numbers that are exclusively the product of Prime Numbers should be included in the Prime Number Sequence.

Unlocking the SATOR Square


Here I show the SATOR square shouting the numerical structure of the universe and how the swastika can be utilised to show the link to my Integer Partition Theory.


Listen to my interview on Awakening Code Radio:

Anthony Morris is a British mathematician and author of the book, "The Numerical Universe," which promises the reader that, "You don't have to believe, you can know!" Join us as we delve into the incredible way the universe is revealed through number sequences and geometry.

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