Vivid, Brilliant, Many-Layered Excellence


'I am completely thrilled and overwhelmed by this book!! Having skimmed it at first, pleasantly surprised by the vivid diagrams and brilliant explanations, I felt I was embarking on a journey of Clarity. I have just begun to really read it, tickled by the Joy of what will be revealed each turn of the page, and at how clearly and thoroughly these ideas and perspectives have been presented for consideration. I already have had to put it down to just Think about something I thought I knew, in a whole new way than I had ever understood it before.. I feel excited about this new lens of information and perspective. The beauty of this book, I think, is that it is so encompassing, and yet so simply exquisitely explained, that any level of curiosity and reader will enjoy it thoroughly. I cannot thank the author enough for creating this masterpiece!!'

One of my favorite books!


'Last night I finished reading, "The Numerical Universe", by Anthony Morris! It's an excellent book, one that I'll keep referring back to! The book is packed with numerical proof of Intelligent Design! Like the subtitle says, "We don't have to believe. We can know."! In this book you'll find lots of connections to all the important numbers in the Sciences, Sacred Geometry, Biblical Numerology, etc. Absolutely loved the book!'

original and useful as a reference one


'I am a proud owner of this marvellous book, extremely informative, original and useful as a reference one.
Pythagoras, the ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher, taught in his "secret" school c500 BC/BCE, that all things were numbers. A mysterious statement, and unfortunately no information left in writing.
By using the principle involving mod(9), dividing numbers by 9 to obtain a remainder, Anthony has established a numerical understanding of the world.
His "Numerical Universe", is a beautifully written book, with an abundance of explanatory diagrams. It is absolutely packed with information, and is a must for anyone wishing "peep through the veil".
This phenomenal book, I understand, soon available as an e-booK in all languages will spread the word or should I say "NUMBER".'

Unique and valuable insights into many number correlations


'Incredible amount of research and insights on numbers and the clues they provide of a deeper pattern that underlies how the universe works.'

Intelligent Design? YES !!! IS God real ? YES !!! evidence this book!!!


'An excellent Book! If you are looking for an answer to are we here by design? Look no further!! Anthony has used Rodin Maths to simply show there is a great plan at work ! This book will be revisited again and again!!!! The added bonus at the back about the location of the pyramids might well interest many a flat earther too!!! I see the primes and light and magnetism being key or harmonics to understanding our world...I hope in future this book along with others will explain how the ecliptic is a meeting point of two magnetic convergence points and that the sun and moon are mere aspects of this! The moon being earths black light projection into the toroidal energy in the sky....?..Of note Anthony works in financial markets and Fibonacci and Lucas numbers are encoded into that! Don't be put off by the price you will not find this kind of information anywhere else in the world! It is an investment in you and your family's future! Anyway me saying a lovely addition to my ever growing library of books...I personally feel our Suns energy is coming up through lake Victoria "hinted at in the book" and the middle East war over land is more about the magnetism of where the black light energy core is from...also a big thank you to Anthony as his online course to help with depression and anxiety is helping me live in the Now!'

'The simple and uncomplicated reveal the greatest truth. It is just before our eyes, the trick is to see it. That is exactly what Anthony Morris has done. This is a completely new, or maybe ancient and forgotten, way of using numbers to show the underlying mathematical structures of the Universe. It's a mind-blowing adventure to read. Simple for anyone to understand yet a tool for future scientists. Simply brilliant!'

'I started reading believing that my attention span would be tested as mathematics was my worst subject both in high school and college, how wrong I was. Great job Anthony Morris brilliantly put together !! This book is hard to put down. Highly recommend.'

'Pure scholarship. A brilliant and original effort presented in a way that anyone can appreciate. Worth every penny.'